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Bullfrog Spas of Salt Lake – Salt Lake City, UT

Bullfrog International, LLC is a Utah-based company whose story begins right here with Bullfrog Spas of Salt Lake and Dolphin Pools: Dave Ludlow convinced his father Don (the owner of Dolphin Pools) in 1988 to start selling portable or self-contained spas to supplement their swimming pool business. The third spa Dave brought into Dolphin’s showroom leaked. Guess who had to fix it?

Dave looked at the design and saw a way to improve it. Every other spa in the world has 200 to 400 feet of piping – Bullfrog Spas have up to 90% less. Bullfrog Spas quickly went from an after-hours idea to an international company that ships spas all over the world.

As the world’s first Bullfrog Spas dealer (and, for a time, the world’s only Bullfrog Spas dealer) we know the product and we know the industry. We've been doing pools and hot tubs in Utah for over 60 years. No one knows more about hot tubs and spas in Utah and no one does it better.

Contact Information:

Address: 4678 Highland Dr E #1, Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Display Products:

  • Hot Tub/Spas - 3 person to 8 person with a heated demo spa
  • In-ground, fully functioning swimming pool
  • Spa & pool chemicals and accessories
  • Free computerized ALEX® water testing station

Service Areas:

Salt Lake City, UT; Park City, UT; Salt Lake County; Summit County; Tooele County;

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Your backyard can look this great with a Bullfrog Spa from Bullfrog Spas of Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, UT.