Just Add Water: Exercises to Increase Mobility in the Hot Tub

Just Add WaterWhen we think of hot tubs, many times relaxation, therapy, and good times with family and friends are the things that come to mind. Indeed, hot tubs are great for kicking back with friends, relaxing after work, or soothing muscles after a workout, but is there more? Let’s explore.

Sure, athletes might use a hot tub to ease muscle aches and recover. However, there’s another great use for spas. Athletes, and everybody else for that matter, can actually use a hot tub in another interesting way: exercising in the spa.

That’s right, exercising is one more way to enjoy and get great use out of your time in a hot tub. Actually, exercising in water can offer several advantages over conventional exercise.

Give Your Joints a Break

An important part of staying healthy is regular exercise. Different kinds of exercise, like jogging or weight lifting, can increase stamina and cardiovascular health or build strength in specific muscle groups. But conventional exercises have a downside. They are often hard on joints.

Running, for example, can really wear out knees and ankles. Every time your foot hits the pavement or track, shock is transferred up and absorbed by the ankles, shins, knees, and hips. In moderation, this probably won’t cause much trouble. Over long periods of time, or in cases of pre-existing joint pain, running can really hurt those bones.

Water exercise, though, doesn’t hurt the joints at all. There is no hard ground to pound your foot and no jarring shocks to your joints. You get the same cardio workout, but no joint stress.

Arthritis and Muscle Aches

Sometimes pre-existing conditions or old injuries make exercise more painful than it should be. Arthritis, especially in older people, can make lifting weights or walking very painful. Muscular injuries like pulls or sprains prevent full range of motion and cause pain during exercise.

People suffering from this kind of condition may find hot tub exercise a much better alternative. Submersion in water applies gentle pressure to the entire surface of the body, created by the body’s buoyancy and water pressure. This pressure floats the body and relieves muscle and bone pain by helping take the strain off of injured bones or muscles.

If you have bone or muscle pain when lifting weights (even light weights), try doing it in a hot tub instead. The soothing heat and water pressure may be the perfect combination to make exercise enjoyable again!

Hot Tub Enticement

The most important advantage to exercise in a hot tub is that it’s in a hot tub! Hot tubs are fun and relaxing, so you’re bound to exercise longer and more often. Friends or family may be hesitant to hit the gym with you, but they’re sure to love joining in on a hot tub exercise session!

Adding JetPaks to Your Hot Tub For Fun and Therapy

If you are looking for a little bit of fun and therapy within your custom hot tub or portable spa, there’s no better way to achieve these results than by choosing to go with JetPaks. The JetPak Therapy System is exclusive to Bullfrog Spas and was designed to provide users with an amazing hydro massage sensation that can be personalized specifically for you.JetPaks-banner

Hot Tub Therapy for Each Individual

Each and every jet used in the Bullfrog hot tub with JetPaks serves a different purpose to massage and provide wellness for all types of therapy objectives. By opting to add JetPaks to your at-home hot tub, you will have the ability to enjoy a therapeutic hydrotherapy session right in your own backyard, whenever you desire. There is truly no more customized and personalized experience that you can have in a hot tub.Exchanging a JetPak in a Bullfrog Spa

Types of Jets and Therapeutic Benefits

There are many different types of JetPaks that you may opt to add to your hot tub. Each JetPak has its own focus that can help provide you with therapy, relaxation, and fun at the same time. Each JetPak is created using different jets that each have their own specific therapy use. Let’s discuss these individual jets.

DeepRelief hot tub jetDeepRelief Jets are some of the most popular and most powerful jets. Many people choose to add at least one JetPak with these jets to their hot tubs. You can relieve extreme day to day tension with the help of this intense-powered jet that was specifically designed to provide you with a focused deep-tissue massage in your spa. If you are dealing with aches and muscle pains, JetPaks using this jet will be the the ideal for you.

FirmRelief Hot Tub JetFirmRelief Jets provide hot tub owners with a steady firm massage designed to help to relax and remove the tension from various muscle groups. For a great mix of therapy and relaxation look for JetPaks that feature this jet.

Dual Pulse Hot Tub JetBoth Single Pulse Jets and Dual Pulse Jets use a rhythmic pulsing motion to give you a kneading pressure that provides extreme relaxation and relief of tension. DualPulse jets are a bit quicker in their intervals between pulses and SinglePulse jets provide a slower more relaxing massage.

If you are looking to address certain parts of your body with your hot tub massages, you may opt for Target Therapy Jets. These types of jets are placed in various areas of the hot tub and focus on high tension parts of the body like feet, calves, wrists, and hips. Firm pressure will relieve your muscles, giving you a relaxing and rejuvenated feel.

Oscillator Hot Tub JetOther types of exclusive jets only available in JetPaks include Oscillator Jets and Shower Jets. The Oscillator Jets provide an wide ranging massaging action that covers a large area of your back with a figure-8 kneading motion for maximum relaxation. Shower Jets are like a dream with their light and soothing caressing feel. This is the perfect massage for escaping your cares for a while.

Fun With JetPaks

Not only do JetPaks provide users with hydrotherapy relief in their spa, but also add in a little bit of fun. You can experience new and unique feelings while relaxing in the comfort of your very own hot tub. Whether you’re looking for deep-tissue massages, soothing motions, firm relief or kneading actions, adding JetPaks allows you to experience it all, offering a fun and relaxing time at home.

Combine Your Workout With Water: Increase Results

running-womenMost people know that regular exercise is an essential factor in a healthy lifestyle. Of course, keeping active and taking part in an exercise routine can be difficult, especially as you age or if you are struggling with physical disabilities or injuries. While it is still relevant to get a regular workout, finding the most effective way to get your exercise while also minimizing the stress on muscles and joints is definitely important. Low-impact aerobic exercise is essential for good health; fortunately, combining your workout with the resistance and gentleness of water can be an excellent solution.

Use What You Already Have

Obviously, not everyone has the room or the financial resources for a full-size pool, but a hot tub can provide the same benefits of water exercise for a fraction of the price. The important thing to consider when choosing a hot tub for exercise is the amount of room you will need for your workout. While a small hot tub can be sufficient if you are planning to exercise alone if there will be two or more people, a larger hot tub will give you the room you need. Additionally, while exercising in water can certainly help increase the results from your workout, you need to remember that you are still exercising, and you must follow the same precautions as you would be if you were not in the water.

Stretch it Out

You should start your workout with gentle stretches and warm-ups to help get your muscles ready for exercise. The water will help keep movements gentle and precise, which can help define muscle tone and improve endurance. Of course, with the water resistance, your workout will require more muscle to make the movements and this extra resistance can increase the effectiveness of all of your exercises. As you continue your workouts, the added difficulty that comes from exercising in the water will culminate in greater results in a shorter period of time.

Health Benefits

Fortunately, even though you are able to increase your results when you work out in a hot tub, it is also essential to keep in mind that the health benefits of lower impact exercise can be very beneficial for many people. The impact of water resistance combined with the buoyancy of the water can dramatically add to the effectiveness of your workout, creating an excellent opportunity to stay physically fit; however, it is still possible to get dehydrated when working out in water, so stay hydrated and do not overdo the exercise. Work gradually to increase the length and difficulty of your exercise routine.

Keep Romance Alive: Tips for the Young at Heart

Keep Romance Alive Tips for the Young at Heart

Young love is easy. You’re both excited about your future and each other. This initial spark can tend to fade a bit, but, settling into a comfortable, quiet routine with your partner as the years go by, doesn’t mean that romance has to die. In fact, quite the opposite is true, a committed long-term relationship is the ideal climate to foster intimacy. Check out these three tips on how to fan the flame within your relationship.

Be Intentional

Author Madeleine L’Engle wrote, “Love isn’t how you feel, it’s what you do”. Your relationship requires more intentional maintenance than most other parts of life. Set aside regular time that is only devoted to your spouse. It could be making every Friday “date night,” or spending some quiet time on Sunday afternoon in the hot tub together. Whatever you choose, stick to it. Intimacy is facilitated by routine.


It may sound a little gooey, but it really helps to make sure that kids, friends, and coworkers are aware of your affection, too. The kids will learn that the value of a strong relationship. Your friends will know where you stand and appreciate your commitment. Plus, the public accountability will encourage you to put in the hard work necessary to maintain the relationship.


Within the time that you’ve set aside for each other, find new ways to reconnect. Accept that your partner will change, and embrace the new sides of him or her. Consider trying activities that will challenge you to grow together, like taking a cooking class, or joining a book club. Not only will you have more to talk about, but you’ll uncover new sides of each other. Try making a list of activities to try for a week. Whether you’re writing a love letter to your partner, or eating a picnic in the park, the change of pace will refresh the relationship. Add in a few silly items too, like having a food fight or watching a comedy together. You’ll be surprised by how much fun reconnecting can be.

Find Ways to Serve

Secretly spend a week or two doing everything exactly in the way that the other person prefers. This could be as simple as putting on the toilet paper roll in the way they like. These small changes will both surprise and delight your mate. Plus, you might realize that the problems weren’t so annoying as you thought. They might even start doing the same for you! You don’t want to change your spouse, but find things you can both work on to make the relationship more enjoyable.

Carving out time in a busy schedule to focus on your partner, finding new ways to connect and putting the other person first are easy ways to keep your romance alive.

Aches, Stiffness, and Stress, Gone! Tips for Achieving Wellness

Stretching in a hottub by Bullfrog Spas

We all know that good health is wealth! Having inner peace, high energy levels and a sense of physical zest are goals we all aspire to achieve. Nonetheless, sometimes we go through various physical and mental setbacks that have us feeling stressed out, tired and stiff. Here are some tips for achieving wellness.


Daily meditation can help free us from the grip of self-doubt, worries and anxiety. Reducing our stress levels through meditation can help improve our cardiovascular health, improve our mental clarity and help us get better sleep at night. Meditation is needed because we all know we will ride a roller coaster of good and bad experiences throughout our lives. It’s good from time to time to go to a quiet place and just release all of your negative thoughts, emotions and regain a sense of balance and calmness. Try a meditating 15 minutes a day to begin seeing immediate benefits. This is the perfect time to relax and soak in the hot tub to relax and get away from the world.


Exercise can help us improve our flexibility, mobility and even better – help release happiness-producing endorphins. Daily exercise through aerobics and resistance training will help improve your strength levels, improve your energy levels and your heart health. Obviously the best benefit to exercise is staying lean and having a youthful appearance. Regular exercise has been medically-proven to also increase mental concentration and clarity.

Healthy Diet

Having a well-balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and health fats will help us reduce bodily inflammation, lower our risk of cancer, improve our recovery from exercise, and help balance our hormones. A healthy diet will help manage our weight and keep us flexible, mobile and energetic. Eating healthy and nutritious foods filled with a vast array of vitamins and minerals will add years to our lives. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be monotonous either. You can easily find thousands of recipes online to make healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners filled with satiety and spice.

Laugh and Smile

Laughter is the best form of medicine. We will experience ups and downs in life. Sometimes we have no other choice but to laugh and make the best of our situations. It never hurts to be humorous from time to time, even when you believe the situation doesn’t warrant laughter. Science has proven that laughter releases happiness-producing neurotransmitters known as endorphins into our bodies, giving us a sense of tranquility and joy.

Don’t Feel Older as You Age: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Youth

Don't Feel Older as You Age 5 Tips for Keeping Your YouthNo one should wait until they are too old to begin taking care of their body. There are so many things we can do to maintain a youthful mind and body now.

No matter who you are and how old you are, there are things to do that will help you live a stronger and more vibrant life and it is never too late to make changes. Below are 5 tips that will promote a more youthful you.

Starting Early

Never wait until you are too old, to start taking care of yourself and your body. Believe it or not, the signs of aging will start creeping up on you in your 20s and 30s. Most of us never think twice about aging and the long-term effects of our choices at that age. But age will happen much quicker than you think. Whatever your age, start now to make positive changes!

Drinking Water

You should drink an adequate amount of water every day. Most people go about their daily business without even realizing they are becoming dehydrated. This is one reason why you might develop dry skin and eventually wrinkles. Bring a water bottle with you from home and take it everywhere you go, even while just driving and running errands. This can also save you money at the end of they day. You might otherwise feel the need to stop at a gas station or fast food restaurant for something less much less healthy like a soda or coffee.

Watch Your Diet and Learn to Eat

Use common sense when it comes to your diet. Eat a little more often but a little less each time. The more you eat great stuff from nature like fresh fruits and vegetables, the more this will become what you crave. The convenience of fast food is horrible for your appearance and health. The old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is something to keep in mind when watching your weight and overall wellness.


Make sure you exercise regularly. The most important thing about exercising is consistency; if you start consistently walking, riding a bike, surfing, golfing, jogging, skateboarding or anything else, you will see the benefits of your efforts. Minimally, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Make time out of your schedule to begin regular fitness, or join a group so you always have support when you start.

Take Time for You

Last but not least, take the time out every day to do something relaxing for yourself. This might be reading a book out on the back porch for 20 minutes, or spending time in a hot tub just letting your muscles and body relax. Nothing is better after a hard days work than coming home to sink into a nice, bubbling hot tub. It is the perfect ending to the day.

We might not be able to do much about our age, but with more information we can start with some simple steps to regain wellness. Why not start taking care of your body today and maintain and regain your youth?