Design a Perfect Setting: 4 Ideas for Your Personal Spa at Home

at-home-spaThere is little more gratifying than having your own personal spa at home. It is your own private sanctuary where you are free to relax, unwind, and forget about the demands of daily life. There are so many options for what to put into your spa; you can customize any way you would like to make it fit your lifestyle perfectly. Here are 4 suggested ideas that may help you to design your own personal spa at home.

Start With a Great Hot Tub

Hot Tub View

One of the best items in which to create a spa is with a hot tub. Yes, the term spa is also used for hot tubs. A bit confusing maybe,  but it does show how perfect a hot tub is for your at home spa. Drawing a hot bath or soaking in your hot tub with your favorite bath salts or spa scents is the perfect way to relax after a long week and the best way to get rid of aches and pains. Plus the jets will massage your body with a soothing hydromassage, perfect for relaxing. Bullfrog Spas feature different types of spas and accessories. They have different options in style, colors, and you can even design your own hot tub spa online.

Choose a Great Setting

Next is the setting. Make sure it is clean and organized, free of any clutter. A messy area is distracting and reminds us of what we need to get done. Use a cabinet or special container in which to store bath items such as scrubs, salts, moisturizers, etc. Lining a spa, wall, or ledge with candles is a classic technique that adds a nice warm light that has a wonderful aesthetic appeal and adds to the calm of the area. If you use aromatherapy candles, they can have added benefits of scents that promote peace and relaxation. Keep your colors neutral and warm. You can also decorate with other decor to enhance the vibe of tranquility, just don’t go overboard.

Make it Comfortable

Add to the comfort by placing discrete and comfortable outdoor furnishings. Adhere the the popular design concept of the “outdoor room” or “outdoor living space” as you choose which furnishings and where to place them. Don’t overlook a few plush, yet durable, mats or rugs. A personal spa can become a wet area, so it is good to have a place to dry off. Plus, it prevents you from slipping on the floor. Speaking of items to enhance your enjoyment and function, create an area to keep towels when you are done soaking. There are some exceptional towels made specifically for spa purposes that are thick and soft.

Customize the Lighting

Finally, customize the light in your at home spa space. In addition to the candles mentioned above, make sure your lighting is adjustable. For time within your personal spa, the lighting should be soft or dim. If it is too bright, it can be distracting. But, when you are finished it is nice to be able to turn up the lights for safety and cleaning. A great lighting concept really completes the look and feel of your special place to relax and unwind.

With these four ideas, you can begin to create the perfect area to get some privacy and release all your stress. Having a personal spa is a magnificent investment in your home and yourself. So lay back and relax!

What to Think About When Selecting the Prime Spot for Your Spa


Pick Your Perfect Relaxation Spot Before You Buy

A beautiful spot for this Bullfrog Spa

Before you or any of your family members or friends can sink down into the warm relaxing waters of your very own spa, you have to decide upon just the right location for its permanent placement. You can help plan for your new spa by doing a little homework before your hot tub unit is delivered that will ensure the perfect prime spot for your spa in order to enjoy its many benefits for years to come.

Indoors or The Great Outdoors

When choosing a prime location, ask yourself who will be enjoying your new hot tub and if its purpose is to serve as a gathering place for entertaining family and friends or will it be used only privately by the adults in the household for therapy and relaxation. If planning to place your spa indoors, it must be in a location with excellent ventilation to prevent the build-up of steam and moisture in addition to having drainage access. If planning to locate your hot tub outdoors, you will want to incorporate the surrounding landscape to your best advantage by having a pleasant or scenic vista as the backdrop for the spa.

Convenient Access

If locating your new spa outdoors, having convenient access to the main home as well as a place for wardrobe changes is essential. It’s important to choose a location where the spa blends into the environment in a natural way rather than looking like some eyesore that was just plunked down on a pad without any planning beforehand. Does the location you select as the prime spot for your spa afford users enough privacy and have you made plans to screen your hot tub activities from the prying eyes of onlookers or even the next door neighbors?

Solid Support

The prime location for your spa must offer a firm and level surface which can support the weight of the hot tub once it has been filled with water in addition to supporting the weight of its maximum capacity of guests. The floor structure of the spa’s location must be able to support the weight of the spa’s water contents plus its users or plans must be made to provide a concrete foundation for everyone’s safety. It’s also best to incorporate the proper landscaping around the spa so that grass, leaves, sand or dirt are not tracked into the hot tub or back into the house after use. It’s a good idea to position your hot tub on a finished paved surface or deck so that walking into and out of the spa won’t prove problematic.

Dream Backyards

My Backyard Looks Nothing Like This!

One of the most important elements to any home is the backyard. This is that little piece of outdoor paradise that’s all yours. Of course, we all dream of an expansive manicured backyard with a hot tub, pool, and stylish patio but many of us are stuck with a crowded plot of land with less than ideal landscaping prospects. However, there are options for any backyard. Many Bullfrog Spa Dealers are also talented landscape designers that can creatively turn any outdoor space into a functional backyard home spa perfect for a vacation every day.

In the mean time, here are some amazing yards to get you dreaming big about your space. If it’s of any comfort to you, you’re not alone when you think, “My backyard looks nothing like this.”

Residence or Resort?

At first glance, this backyard looks like a high-end resort but rest assured, it’s simply a residence. Speckled with wonderful stonework and lush jungle-like plants, this setting is beyond impressive. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Rustic

Though this residence has gone to great lengths to remain rustic, this cabin-like campus (complete with pool house and private lake) is not your average squatter’s shack in the woods. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Orlando Box Office

Somewhere in Orlando, Florida, an affluent film buff is enjoying bigger than life motion pictures from the comfort of his/her swimming pool or hot tubs. Not only does this backyard look like an exotic resort but it also boasts a 300-inch movie screen with 8 large speakers, disguised as rocks. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Rink of Dreams

We’ve all seen giant sport-courts at the celebrity’s homes on MTV’s Cribs but this DIY hockey rink in suburban America is in a league of its own. What is even more impressive is that two neighbors sacrificed their entire backyards to host this impressive site. One suggestion: hot tub penalty box! My backyard looks nothing like this.



The Blue Lagoon

Reminiscent of a scene from The Blue Lagoon, this naturally inspired swimming pool is the centerpiece of a most amazing backyard. With a setting so elegant as this, it’s nice to see that the kids can still be entertained with a slide. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Gazebo Wonderland

This stellar backyard incorporates all of the must-have elements for any great backyard setting: tons of space, a pond, a pool, trees for maximum privacy, a spacious patio and a glimmering gazebo. This looks like a scene in a movie and of course, my backyard looks nothing like this.

Flower Power

While many can say they have a pond in their backyard, this owner should rise up and say, Yeah but my flower’s can beat up your flowers. It’s true; ponds are a dime-a-dozen but when the owner cares enough to maintain a colorful bouquet such as this, it deserves its praise. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Clean & Simple

A shining example of less is more, this New England backyard is simple but oh so sweet. Complete with a beautifully manicured yard and shrubbery, it’s the clean lines that make this one so stunning. My backyard looks nothing like this.

It’s All Good

In this particular home, I’ll admit, it’s all very cool, but the backyard is a major bonus. Look around; imagine living here with tons of beautiful trees, a pool, a basketball court and giant mansion, you know, just to shade it all. My backyard looks nothing like this.

Water World

This yard doesn’t necessarily impress with the foliage but it makes up for it with the water. If the pool wasn’t enough, the house butts right up against the water with a covered dock and a boat that is always at the ready. My backyard looks nothing like this.