Think Big and Plan Even Bigger: How to Plan for Large Group Events

Think Big and Plan Even Bigger How to Plan for Group Events

Thinking of having a big Holiday party for a large group? Are you trying to ditch the mainstream, and go with something bigger and better? Well fear not, because we have a plethora of ideas available on how to plan a successful event which is as amazing, as it is big.


First and foremost make a fixed budget. Since you are planning for a huge amount of people, keeping the budget in mind will eliminate any unexpected problems, and reduce the chance of overspending on a huge event. Planning for a large party with a lot of people can be overwhelming, and you could make the mistake of overspending while you plan. Instead, start your planning off with a well-organized and thought-out budget.

Map Out a Timeline

Since the event is large scale, start your planning a couple of months before the big day. Don’t leave every task until the last minute, as that would only increase the hassle. Plan everything from the catering, to the theme, to babysitters. If you’re worried you won’t have anything left to do in the last month, you’re wrong. After you start, the problems and worries could just keep on multiplying, so planning well in advance of the event will at least ensure that you don’t forget to get your best dress ironed before the party.

Theme – Be Creative

If you want something fun and exciting to kick off your party with, then pick a creative theme relevant to the event. The key is to think outside of the box. Try to steer clear of the mundane, and find a theme that will not only be meaningful to you, but to your large group of guests as well. Pick up color schemes and clues from the season and add to it, to develop your theme.

Venue Selection

Selecting a venue for a small group of people is relatively easier than selecting one for a bigger group. Since you are planning an event for a large group, you definitely might want to give the venue some thought. Venues that cater to larger groups are usually booked solid through holidays and weekends, so make sure your name is on the booking list well in advance of your event. Choose a place that won’t go outside of the budget while still maintaining a fun feel for everyone.

Make Careful Catering Considerations

Select a caterer that will offer a wide enough selection of food so all of your guests can find a favorite item on the menu, while not going outside of the budget. With a big group, there are many food considerations, especially in regards to food allergies. Make sure you find about any possible food allergies well in advance of your event so that you can pass them on to your caterer. In addition, consider vegetarians and other special food requests that you guest may have.

Hot Tubs

With a hot tub or even several hot tubs your party will be a success. It sets the mood for a good time almost immediately. Make sure your outdoor space can hold all the people in the tub as well as anyone not swimming. Select a hot tub that will hold as many of your group as possible. Remember, the more the merrier is the rule of thumb with selecting a hot tub.

These tips will ensure that your event is bigger and better than the rest. The biggest tip, of course, is not to forget to have fun. This is your party after all, and you have put in a great deal of time towards its planning so you are entitled to have fun.

Adding JetPaks to Your Hot Tub For Fun and Therapy

If you are looking for a little bit of fun and therapy within your custom hot tub or portable spa, there’s no better way to achieve these results than by choosing to go with JetPaks. The JetPak Therapy System is exclusive to Bullfrog Spas and was designed to provide users with an amazing hydro massage sensation that can be personalized specifically for you.JetPaks-banner

Hot Tub Therapy for Each Individual

Each and every jet used in the Bullfrog hot tub with JetPaks serves a different purpose to massage and provide wellness for all types of therapy objectives. By opting to add JetPaks to your at-home hot tub, you will have the ability to enjoy a therapeutic hydrotherapy session right in your own backyard, whenever you desire. There is truly no more customized and personalized experience that you can have in a hot tub.Exchanging a JetPak in a Bullfrog Spa

Types of Jets and Therapeutic Benefits

There are many different types of JetPaks that you may opt to add to your hot tub. Each JetPak has its own focus that can help provide you with therapy, relaxation, and fun at the same time. Each JetPak is created using different jets that each have their own specific therapy use. Let’s discuss these individual jets.

DeepRelief hot tub jetDeepRelief Jets are some of the most popular and most powerful jets. Many people choose to add at least one JetPak with these jets to their hot tubs. You can relieve extreme day to day tension with the help of this intense-powered jet that was specifically designed to provide you with a focused deep-tissue massage in your spa. If you are dealing with aches and muscle pains, JetPaks using this jet will be the the ideal for you.

FirmRelief Hot Tub JetFirmRelief Jets provide hot tub owners with a steady firm massage designed to help to relax and remove the tension from various muscle groups. For a great mix of therapy and relaxation look for JetPaks that feature this jet.

Dual Pulse Hot Tub JetBoth Single Pulse Jets and Dual Pulse Jets use a rhythmic pulsing motion to give you a kneading pressure that provides extreme relaxation and relief of tension. DualPulse jets are a bit quicker in their intervals between pulses and SinglePulse jets provide a slower more relaxing massage.

If you are looking to address certain parts of your body with your hot tub massages, you may opt for Target Therapy Jets. These types of jets are placed in various areas of the hot tub and focus on high tension parts of the body like feet, calves, wrists, and hips. Firm pressure will relieve your muscles, giving you a relaxing and rejuvenated feel.

Oscillator Hot Tub JetOther types of exclusive jets only available in JetPaks include Oscillator Jets and Shower Jets. The Oscillator Jets provide an wide ranging massaging action that covers a large area of your back with a figure-8 kneading motion for maximum relaxation. Shower Jets are like a dream with their light and soothing caressing feel. This is the perfect massage for escaping your cares for a while.

Fun With JetPaks

Not only do JetPaks provide users with hydrotherapy relief in their spa, but also add in a little bit of fun. You can experience new and unique feelings while relaxing in the comfort of your very own hot tub. Whether you’re looking for deep-tissue massages, soothing motions, firm relief or kneading actions, adding JetPaks allows you to experience it all, offering a fun and relaxing time at home.

Practical Matters: Tips for Keeping a Pool Clean and Well Cared For

Practical Matters Tips for Keeping a Pool Clean and Well Cared ForIf you’ve recently installed a new pool or hot tub, you’re probably pretty excited about the benefits to your lifestyle and social status. Pools are a great excuse to have friends and neighbors over to socialize, but before you throw your first big pool bash, it’s important to ensure that your pool and hot tub are nice and clean.

Check The Water

Purchase a good chemical testing kit and test the water in your pool and hot tub at least twice a week. The pH of your water should remain in the recommended range for your pool type and area, and chlorine levels should be maintained at recommended levels to ensure sanitation. In between testings, always visually inspect the water in your hot tub at least once every few days.

Add Chemicals if Needed

After you check the water, you can add the chemicals that you need. First you must maintain the pH and then the chlorine, as the chlorine can’t work properly without the pH being in balance.

Keep it Clean

It’s important to physically clean your pool regularly. Skim the surface daily to remove any debris, fallen leaves, or dead insects. At least once a week, use the scrub brush to clean the steps and walls. You should also check the skimmer and pump baskets for clogs. When it comes to spas and hot tubs, you will want to entirely change the water every 3-6 months or whenever it begins to look cloudy.

Enhance Your Water

There are a number of different chemical enhancers that can be used to make your pool look even better. Although this step is certainly optional, pool-water enhancers can be very valuable in preventing scum stains, fixing cloudy water, and removing any potential odors.

Clean Your Filters

Clean your filter at least once a month. Always check for rips and tears, as these can affect the filter’s efficiency. Replace the filter or cartridges any time you see that the pressure is still remaining high even after it has been cleaned.

All of this sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really quite easy, especially when you consider all of the benefits of having a backyard paradise to enjoy. The most important part of owning a pool is jumping in and having fun with your friends and family, so what are you waiting for? Your pool is calling your name.

Keep Romance Alive: Tips for the Young at Heart

Keep Romance Alive Tips for the Young at Heart

Young love is easy. You’re both excited about your future and each other. This initial spark can tend to fade a bit, but, settling into a comfortable, quiet routine with your partner as the years go by, doesn’t mean that romance has to die. In fact, quite the opposite is true, a committed long-term relationship is the ideal climate to foster intimacy. Check out these three tips on how to fan the flame within your relationship.

Be Intentional

Author Madeleine L’Engle wrote, “Love isn’t how you feel, it’s what you do”. Your relationship requires more intentional maintenance than most other parts of life. Set aside regular time that is only devoted to your spouse. It could be making every Friday “date night,” or spending some quiet time on Sunday afternoon in the hot tub together. Whatever you choose, stick to it. Intimacy is facilitated by routine.


It may sound a little gooey, but it really helps to make sure that kids, friends, and coworkers are aware of your affection, too. The kids will learn that the value of a strong relationship. Your friends will know where you stand and appreciate your commitment. Plus, the public accountability will encourage you to put in the hard work necessary to maintain the relationship.


Within the time that you’ve set aside for each other, find new ways to reconnect. Accept that your partner will change, and embrace the new sides of him or her. Consider trying activities that will challenge you to grow together, like taking a cooking class, or joining a book club. Not only will you have more to talk about, but you’ll uncover new sides of each other. Try making a list of activities to try for a week. Whether you’re writing a love letter to your partner, or eating a picnic in the park, the change of pace will refresh the relationship. Add in a few silly items too, like having a food fight or watching a comedy together. You’ll be surprised by how much fun reconnecting can be.

Find Ways to Serve

Secretly spend a week or two doing everything exactly in the way that the other person prefers. This could be as simple as putting on the toilet paper roll in the way they like. These small changes will both surprise and delight your mate. Plus, you might realize that the problems weren’t so annoying as you thought. They might even start doing the same for you! You don’t want to change your spouse, but find things you can both work on to make the relationship more enjoyable.

Carving out time in a busy schedule to focus on your partner, finding new ways to connect and putting the other person first are easy ways to keep your romance alive.

Fun Family Games to Play With Young Kids

Fun Family Games to Play With Young KidsNothing beats an afternoon playing classic family games with your children. Playing family games keeps your kids out of trouble when there’s nothing to do, and playing regularly with your children, is a superb way to strengthen the parent-child bond. The perfect family game has to be challenging for older children, yet simple enough for younger players to understand. If you’re having trouble picking the right game for your family, check out this list of awesome family games:


This board game is hands down the most popular family game to ever hit store shelves in the history of board games. Monopoly comes in different versions like Barbie Monopoly, or Aquarium Monopoly, but the classic is still the most played. In this game, the goal is to control every single square inch of property on the board. Although it takes a while to win the game, it will still cause some fierce competition amongst the players.

Chutes and Ladders

This game is ideal for younger children because it’s easy to play, but even older children will love the game. This game requires both luck and strategy, and the goal is to make it to the finish line before the other players. It is the perfect game for a rainy day.


This game is perfect for families that are silly and want to laugh. In this game, players wear a headband that holds a card. The players are not allowed to look at the card when they put it on the headband. Then, they have to ask the other players questions so they can figure out what’s on the card. Basically, the game is like charades except instead of guessing what the other person is, you have to guess what you are


One of the most fun board games to date, Life requires players to use a spinning wheel to earn points. Throughout the game, players get cards that have good or bad news like winning the lottery or losing your job. At the end, the player with the most money and future planning skills wins.

Marco Polo

Family time in a hot tub by Bullfrog SpasNamed for the famous explorer, this game is fun not just in the hot tub or pool, but out at a park or even just the backyard. Blindfold one family member and see if they can find others through just the sounds of their voices. This classic games can be played by all.

The Logo Board Game

This board game challenges your knowledge about popular brands and logos. First, the players looks at a piece of a popular logo and try to guess what it is. This game is great for all ages and is a really fun way to spend time together.

A family that plays together, stays together, and these games will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. All the games in this article are great for children and grownups alike.

Making Memories: Tips for Keeping Family Time a Priority

Making Memories Tips for Keeping Family Time a PrioritySpending time with family is one of the most important parts of life, but can easily be neglected with busy schedules, and an overload of responsibilities. By establishing a few habits through simple steps you can begin to bond with each family member now and create stronger long-term relationships.

Plan Fun Activities

Although the living room is often the most common place for the family to congregate, it can often make for too much routine and repetitive time spent together, for a family that needs some variety. Try to plan a few fun nights each month for the family to go out, whether to a favorite restaurant, or to the local fair. By having fun together, it will be easier to bond and you will form true friendships within the family unit. Have each family member take a turn to plan the family activity each week and opt for activities that include going out for ice cream, spending time riding bikes, or enjoying time together in hot tubs, all activities that are low-stress and involve minimal planning and cost.

Forget About The Chores

According to The Quarterly Journal of Economics, having more time for leisure activities has risen since 1965 from four to eight hours a week, due to less time spent cooking and cleaning. By hiring a professional cleaning service once or twice a month, and cooking more simple and convenient meals, it will provide less stress when it comes to approaching family time for peace of mind.

Make Family Vacations a Tradition

Make it a rule to take a family trip together each year, which will make for valuable memories and intentional time where the family spends several days exploring a new place without interruption. Plan the vacation each year, and vote on what destination will be visited, along with the planned activities on the excursion. For kids, a trip to Disneyland or Disney World is appropriate, along with camping in Yosemite, taking a cruise to the Bahamas, or experiencing the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It will require time spent together planning the trip, and will help each family member to truly value and appreciate the tradition.

Eat Dinner Together

Make it a habit to always sit down for dinner together, whether over pizza, or a four-course meal. Schedule dinner for the same time every night, and ask each child to help with the cooking or setting of the table. It will provide a good amount of time each day of the week to practice communication and continue to get to know one another.

5 Tips to Save Up for Your Dream Spa

Woman in Hot Tub Recovering After Work Out

Have you been dreaming about owning your very own spa, but don’t have the finances to afford it? No problem, most people don’t have piles of money just sitting around. However, with a little planning you can save up your money to reach the ultimate goal of owning your own spa. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated to save money for your new spa.

1. Fridge Image

at-home-hot-tubWe often lose sight of our long term goals after a few weeks because we let our mind wander onto other things. That dream you had will lose value over time because you’ve accepted that it is never going to happen simply because it hasn’t happened YET.

One way that you can keep your goal in sight—quite literally—is to place an image of the spa you want on your fridge. Every time you go to get something to eat, you will be reminded of your goal, and it will keep you motivated to save.

2. Set a Date

The best way to make your dream feel like it will actually come true is to set a goal date. Make estimations as to how long you believe it will take to save up enough money for your spa. The next step is figuring out how you’re going to save money, and the best way to do that is by eliminating expenses.

3. What Can You Cut?

Save for your Dream Spa

In order to save money, you may need to make some sacrifices. This can be very hard, but when you think about how much you’re going to enjoy your new spa, you’ll find that it is worth it. Make a list of of a couple of things that you think you can go without up until your estimated spa purchase date. Write down how much you’ll save each month without these items to make your goal realistic.

4. Get Your Family Involved

If your family is also interested in a new spa, get them in on your goal as well. You can convince your spouse to help save money, and talk to your kids about some minor cuts that they will have to take in exchange for the spa.

5. Work More Hours

Pick up a few extra shifts if you can. Not only will this earn you more money, but it will keep you busy and make the days fly by until you can by your spa. You might even be able to pick a new date that is even closer if you make enough extra cash.

Don’t Feel Older as You Age: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Youth

Don't Feel Older as You Age 5 Tips for Keeping Your YouthNo one should wait until they are too old to begin taking care of their body. There are so many things we can do to maintain a youthful mind and body now.

No matter who you are and how old you are, there are things to do that will help you live a stronger and more vibrant life and it is never too late to make changes. Below are 5 tips that will promote a more youthful you.

Starting Early

Never wait until you are too old, to start taking care of yourself and your body. Believe it or not, the signs of aging will start creeping up on you in your 20s and 30s. Most of us never think twice about aging and the long-term effects of our choices at that age. But age will happen much quicker than you think. Whatever your age, start now to make positive changes!

Drinking Water

You should drink an adequate amount of water every day. Most people go about their daily business without even realizing they are becoming dehydrated. This is one reason why you might develop dry skin and eventually wrinkles. Bring a water bottle with you from home and take it everywhere you go, even while just driving and running errands. This can also save you money at the end of they day. You might otherwise feel the need to stop at a gas station or fast food restaurant for something less much less healthy like a soda or coffee.

Watch Your Diet and Learn to Eat

Use common sense when it comes to your diet. Eat a little more often but a little less each time. The more you eat great stuff from nature like fresh fruits and vegetables, the more this will become what you crave. The convenience of fast food is horrible for your appearance and health. The old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is something to keep in mind when watching your weight and overall wellness.


Make sure you exercise regularly. The most important thing about exercising is consistency; if you start consistently walking, riding a bike, surfing, golfing, jogging, skateboarding or anything else, you will see the benefits of your efforts. Minimally, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Make time out of your schedule to begin regular fitness, or join a group so you always have support when you start.

Take Time for You

Last but not least, take the time out every day to do something relaxing for yourself. This might be reading a book out on the back porch for 20 minutes, or spending time in a hot tub just letting your muscles and body relax. Nothing is better after a hard days work than coming home to sink into a nice, bubbling hot tub. It is the perfect ending to the day.

We might not be able to do much about our age, but with more information we can start with some simple steps to regain wellness. Why not start taking care of your body today and maintain and regain your youth?

A Spa For Your Social Life: Party Ideas on the Water

Hot Tub PartyThere is always a reason to celebrate when you are the proud owner of a lovely spa. You can turn your house into hot tub party central by opening up your hot tub to friends and family. A memorable party always has a fun theme. Here are some interesting themes to help make your next party on the water a hit.

Party Theme #1: Black and White Party

Black and White PartyImagine hosting a hot tub party that has all the class and elegance of a black tie affair. Hollywood celebrities like Sean “P.Diddy” Combs and Kyle Richards are famous for their annual black and white parties. You can jump on the trend and make it all your own by hosting a black and white hot tub party. All you have to do is instruct your guests to wear only black or white swimsuits. They can accessorize with items like bow ties, high heels, and pearls. Feel free to put down a red carpet leading to your hot tub before guests arrive. You and your guests are going to feel like celebrities.

Party Theme #2: Hawaiian Hot Tub Extravaganza

Hawaii-PartyWe all wish we could escape to a tropical destination and relax in a hot tub. Why not treat your party guests to a Hawaiian celebration right in your own backyard? You can arrange bamboo tiki torches along your patio or deck as decorations. You can also add inflatable palm trees and beach balls to create a festive feel. Don’t forget to pick up leis at your local party store. Be sure to load up on a batch of hula hoops so that your guests can let loose on the grass for a hula hoop contest.

Party Theme #3: Christmas Hot Tub Party

santa-in-hot-tubA hot tub party in the middle of December is a fun and unexpected way to celebrate the holidays. It is easy to transform your hot tub into a winter wonderland. Begin by decorating your deck or patio with strings of Christmas lights. You can even place a Christmas tree near your spa. Feel free to serve Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for your guests to enjoy while they relax in the hot tub. It will be an enchanting evening of sitting in a steamy hot tub on a chilly winter night beneath the sparkling stars.

The owner of a beautiful spa is the perfect master of ceremonies for a blockbuster party. Nothing heats up a party quite like an inviting hot tub.

How to Design a Yard Around a Hot Tub

backyard-landscapeA hot tub can be a great addition to any backyard. It gives homeowners and their guests a place to relax, and it can make for an interesting design aesthetic. However, many people don’t really know how to properly design a yard to accommodate a hot tub without making it look out of place. There are a lot of things to consider with a large project like this. Here are just a few tips that should help homeowners decide where to put a hot tub and how they can design a yard around it.

Having Enough Space

spa-greeneryObviously, the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to hot tubs is making sure that you have enough space in your yard. Check your city’s building codes to determine how far away a hot tub should be from your home. Some cities require hot tubs to be at least five feet away from your home and from your property lines, but aesthetically, it may be wise to allow for more room than that. The spot you choose for your hot tub should also be at least ten feet across and ten feet wide, although this depends on the size of the tub that you choose. You should also allow for enough room to be able to climb in and out of your hot tub safely. It would be wise to consider creating a pathway to the tub from the house to prevent getting grass and dirt in the water.

Having Enough Privacy

SpaVault In-ground Hot Tub KitYou should also have plenty of privacy when you use your hot tub, something that is not hard to achieve with the right landscaping and design decisions. If you want something simple, a privacy fence, gazebo, or pergola will do nicely. If you are looking for more elaborate and aesthetically pleasing design choices, consider surrounding your hot tub with some attractive flora. This will provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in addition to giving you a little privacy.

To further increase site lines, in your yard you may consider creating an in-ground hot tub look with a below-ground vault made to contain your portable spa. This also makes getting in and out of your spa much easier.

Choosing the Right Flora

hot tub with rose petalsWhen you plant any kind of flora in your backyard, you want to make sure you are planting the right kinds. For most of the United States, this means deciduous trees and other plants that stay healthy and green year round, but this will give you a great opportunity to experiment as long as you choose plants that are hardy enough not to be killed by bad weather.

When you create your own serene hot tub space, be sure you have the space and materials that will last a long time and will provide the calm, peaceful feeling you crave.