Think Big and Plan Even Bigger: How to Plan for Large Group Events

Think Big and Plan Even Bigger How to Plan for Group Events

Thinking of having a big Holiday party for a large group? Are you trying to ditch the mainstream, and go with something bigger and better? Well fear not, because we have a plethora of ideas available on how to plan a successful event which is as amazing, as it is big.


First and foremost make a fixed budget. Since you are planning for a huge amount of people, keeping the budget in mind will eliminate any unexpected problems, and reduce the chance of overspending on a huge event. Planning for a large party with a lot of people can be overwhelming, and you could make the mistake of overspending while you plan. Instead, start your planning off with a well-organized and thought-out budget.

Map Out a Timeline

Since the event is large scale, start your planning a couple of months before the big day. Don’t leave every task until the last minute, as that would only increase the hassle. Plan everything from the catering, to the theme, to babysitters. If you’re worried you won’t have anything left to do in the last month, you’re wrong. After you start, the problems and worries could just keep on multiplying, so planning well in advance of the event will at least ensure that you don’t forget to get your best dress ironed before the party.

Theme – Be Creative

If you want something fun and exciting to kick off your party with, then pick a creative theme relevant to the event. The key is to think outside of the box. Try to steer clear of the mundane, and find a theme that will not only be meaningful to you, but to your large group of guests as well. Pick up color schemes and clues from the season and add to it, to develop your theme.

Venue Selection

Selecting a venue for a small group of people is relatively easier than selecting one for a bigger group. Since you are planning an event for a large group, you definitely might want to give the venue some thought. Venues that cater to larger groups are usually booked solid through holidays and weekends, so make sure your name is on the booking list well in advance of your event. Choose a place that won’t go outside of the budget while still maintaining a fun feel for everyone.

Make Careful Catering Considerations

Select a caterer that will offer a wide enough selection of food so all of your guests can find a favorite item on the menu, while not going outside of the budget. With a big group, there are many food considerations, especially in regards to food allergies. Make sure you find about any possible food allergies well in advance of your event so that you can pass them on to your caterer. In addition, consider vegetarians and other special food requests that you guest may have.

Hot Tubs

With a hot tub or even several hot tubs your party will be a success. It sets the mood for a good time almost immediately. Make sure your outdoor space can hold all the people in the tub as well as anyone not swimming. Select a hot tub that will hold as many of your group as possible. Remember, the more the merrier is the rule of thumb with selecting a hot tub.

These tips will ensure that your event is bigger and better than the rest. The biggest tip, of course, is not to forget to have fun. This is your party after all, and you have put in a great deal of time towards its planning so you are entitled to have fun.

Fun Family Games to Play With Young Kids

Fun Family Games to Play With Young KidsNothing beats an afternoon playing classic family games with your children. Playing family games keeps your kids out of trouble when there’s nothing to do, and playing regularly with your children, is a superb way to strengthen the parent-child bond. The perfect family game has to be challenging for older children, yet simple enough for younger players to understand. If you’re having trouble picking the right game for your family, check out this list of awesome family games:


This board game is hands down the most popular family game to ever hit store shelves in the history of board games. Monopoly comes in different versions like Barbie Monopoly, or Aquarium Monopoly, but the classic is still the most played. In this game, the goal is to control every single square inch of property on the board. Although it takes a while to win the game, it will still cause some fierce competition amongst the players.

Chutes and Ladders

This game is ideal for younger children because it’s easy to play, but even older children will love the game. This game requires both luck and strategy, and the goal is to make it to the finish line before the other players. It is the perfect game for a rainy day.


This game is perfect for families that are silly and want to laugh. In this game, players wear a headband that holds a card. The players are not allowed to look at the card when they put it on the headband. Then, they have to ask the other players questions so they can figure out what’s on the card. Basically, the game is like charades except instead of guessing what the other person is, you have to guess what you are


One of the most fun board games to date, Life requires players to use a spinning wheel to earn points. Throughout the game, players get cards that have good or bad news like winning the lottery or losing your job. At the end, the player with the most money and future planning skills wins.

Marco Polo

Family time in a hot tub by Bullfrog SpasNamed for the famous explorer, this game is fun not just in the hot tub or pool, but out at a park or even just the backyard. Blindfold one family member and see if they can find others through just the sounds of their voices. This classic games can be played by all.

The Logo Board Game

This board game challenges your knowledge about popular brands and logos. First, the players looks at a piece of a popular logo and try to guess what it is. This game is great for all ages and is a really fun way to spend time together.

A family that plays together, stays together, and these games will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. All the games in this article are great for children and grownups alike.

Using a Hot Tub as Part of Your Workout? Benefits for Athletes


Hard training athletes consistently push their bodies to the limit. In order to develop the capabilities necessary to complete at a high level, athletes must balance the physical stress of training with appropriate recovery. If the body is not given the proper opportunity for rest and recuperation, one will not increase in strength or develop stamina from training. Without proper recovery, you might run the risk of physical and mental burnout from excessive training, along with increased odds of injury. As such, hot tubs should be included as an important component of a workout.

Physical Benefits

Hot tubs serve as a great tool for promoting physical recovery from hard training. The warm water in a hot tub promotes recovery by allowing muscles to relax and circulate more blood through the tissue. This increases the delivery of vital nutrients that promote the recovery process. The massaging jets in hot tubs provide an additional benefit of manually loosening tight muscles. One can direct the strong streams of water at various body parts that are sore and stiff from training. This serves as a form of passive massage, warming and loosening the muscles. Loose, warm muscles are easier to stretch than tight, cold muscles. Hot tubs serve as an ideal preparation for a post-training stretching session.

Mental Benefits

Beyond the numerous physical benefits, hot tubs will allow hard training athletes with an opportunity to mentally unwind and relax from the psychological stress of training. When placed in a quiet environment, hot tubs provide an ideal setting for one to meditate on a recently completed workout, review plans for future training, or visualize one’s performance in upcoming competition. On the other hand, hot tubs can also serve as an opportunity for individuals to bond with fellow team or community members after a tough training session or recreational game. It is often difficult to have a simple conversation with a teammate or training partner when trying to perfect a drill or run a wind sprint in the actual course of a practice. Athletes who use hot tubs together during post-practice recovery sessions will have the opportunity to develop stronger bonds and a deeper understanding of their teammates through frequent conversation. These bonds often promote better communication and a higher level of competition performance for team sport athletes. Athletes training for individual-level competition, such as swimming or track and field, can still benefit through more meaningful relationships with their training partners.

Hot Tubs Help You Sleep Better!

It’s Not a Hot Tub Time Machine – It’s a Hot Tub Sleep Machine

The National Sleep Foundation has several tips on how to sleep better in their Healthy Sleep Tips and guess what made it on the list, yep, you called it, hot tubs!

#2 Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music.

hot tubs help you sleepA relaxing, routine activity right before bedtime conducted away from bright lights helps separate your sleep time from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety which can make it more difficult to fall asleep, get sound and deep sleep or remain asleep. Avoid arousing activities before bedtime like working, paying bills, engaging in competitive games or family problem-solving. Some studies suggest that soaking in hot water (such as a hot tub or bath) before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep, but it should be done early enough that you are no longer sweating or over-heated. If you are unable to avoid tension and stress, it may be helpful to learn relaxation therapy from a trained professional. Finally, avoid exposure to bright before bedtime because it signals the neurons that help control the sleep-wake cycle that it is time to awaken, not to sleep.

To find out more, read all the tips at the National Sleep Foundation’s Healthy Sleep Tips.

My Morning Hot Tub Soak

With the changing of the seasons comes an adjustment in my hot tub soaking schedule.

I am a hot tub nut. One of the only reasons I like the winter in Utah is because that is when I enjoy using my hot tub the most. Nothing is better than 20 degree weather and 104 degree hot tub (minus the wind). The cold crisp air mixed with the embracing heat of my hot tub water is the perfect way to end a long work day. But those days are gone for now. With the passing of the summer solstice comes the passing of my night soaking routine. Not to say if friends and family are over I won’t get in on a warm summer night, but it’s the mixture of the cool air and hot water that makes this experience the most enjoyable to me.

A little background on my aches and pains: To get into better shape, a number of the neighbors have agreed to start playing some pickup basketball on the neighborhood court. There is not one ounce of natural talent in the bunch of us. We are out of shape, slow, and visually offensive, but we do it anyway. None of us can shoot the ball well, but we are all professional hackers. So we just plan on pulled backs, a rolled ankles, and a couple of bruises, and that’s the first 5 minutes. After returning home, I planned on getting into the hot tub, but my wife and the DVR (Dexter, love that show) seduced me away.

Rolling out of bed this morning nearly killed me. My arches on my feet were non-existent, my left calf was screaming and my lower back was knotted up thanks to a good forearm shiver the night before. I didn’t want my hut tub, I needed it!

So I quietly headed out back to my hot tub (Bullfrog Spa 462). It was 6:15am, so the sun was just peaking over mountains. The air was crisp and cool and the neighborhood was still. I had forgotten the early morning soak, and how great it could be, shame on me. I worked my sore feet and legs with the powerful feet jets and targeted my back with all my JetPaks. I rotate in all my seats for about 5 minutes a massage. Then cut the jets and soaked in peace. The hot water felt so good, making me buoyant and relieving all of my aches. I just closed my eyes and listened to morning sounds. It was great. I am glad that the seasons change so that my hot tub experiences can also.