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Dear Bullfrog Spas,

I just wanted to say how happy my wife and I are that we own a Bullfrog Spa!  We use our hot tub at least 2-3 times per week year round, and every time we get in the hot tub we say to each other that this is one of our best purchases we ever made!  Our Bullfrog spa is both physically and mentally relaxing.  I purchased our Bullfrog spa in March of 1999, and have only had to do some minimal routine maintenance that would be expected.  The specific design of the Bullfrog spa was a big selling point to me initially, and has proved to be a great choice.  I would highly recommend a Bullfrog spa to anyone!


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About Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas is serious about relaxation. We constantly strive to create the best and most technologically advance hot tubs on the planet. No other spa manufacturer is doing it like this. We are combining patented JetPak Technology with a 100% wood-free structure, advanced construction methods, and the finest in skilled craftsmanship to bring you the very most relaxing portable hot tubs on the planet!

2 thoughts on “Hot Tub Testimonial

  1. Dear Sir,
    I just got a 2003 Bullfrog model 451. It is still running perfect and looks great. I guess that after 9 years it should be due for some upgrades soon. I was able to down load your on line manual which proved very helpful but doesn’t include any parts numbers. I live about 100 miles from your nearest dealer and will have to do most of the repairs myself. Is there any way to get a manual that has the part numbers? I would be willing to pay for it, keep up the good work. Donald Kritzer Hunter, NY

    • Donald,

      Sorry, but we only have a parts list for our dealers since we are a wholesale manufacture. I would be happy to help you by phone or email with parts or technical questions. 801-307-3475 or

      Bart Plante
      Warranty and Technical Support Manager

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