Hot Tubs to the Rescue at the Polar Plunge


Bullfrog Spas supports Special Olympics charity benefit, supplying 2 hot tubs for warming shivering swimmers.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Bullfrog Spas is proud to have sponsored the 2014 Polar Plunge, a benefit for the Special Olympics. The Saratoga Springs Polar Plunge event was held at the Pelican Bay Marina, on frozen Utah Lake near Bullfrog International headquarters.

thick ice at the polar plungeThe Polar Plunge is an entertaining event that is also not for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. Daring swimmers don crazy costumes of all types and garner pledged donations with a promise to jump into an icy lake and swim for charity. The lake venue for this event had to be cleared of nearly 8 inches of solid ice with the help of a chain saw and picks a few days prior to the swim. Ice, which continued to form on the open water, had to be skimmed several times just prior to the event.


Bullfrog Spas offered support by placing 2 large hot tubs near the edge of the icy lake. Swimmers can use the spas to reheat after their bone chilling swim. The hot tub is heated to around 100 degrees and, although it’s a bit of a shock to the system, is a welcomed site for chilled swimmers.


In addition to the swim, the event features a crazy costume contest, spin-the-wheel of prizes, music, food donated by local restaurants and grocers, along with a raffle for a host of donated prizes. It is attended by numerous local residents who donate and help support Special Olympics even if they aren’t quite crazy enough to jump into the frozen lake.

The Polar Plunge features both individuals and corporate teams. These generous people come together to do something a little stupid, but it all goes to raise money that goes directly to Special Olympics. The event is hosted by the Saratoga Springs, Utah and Lehi, Utah police departments.

This year’s Saratoga Springs Polar Plunge was, held Saturday, February 22nd. It is one of several Polar Plunge fundraisers held around the world to benefit Special Olympics and give athletes of all abilities the opportunity to compete and succeed in their athletic aspirations. This is Bullfrog’s fifth consecutive year sponsoring the event.

There more Polar Plunge events upcoming so it’s not too late to participate. For more information on becoming involved in Polar Plunge events and the Special Olympics visit:

See more pictures of the event below:

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Happy New Year and a Relaxing 2014

Happy New Year from Bullfrog Spas 2014


What an incredible year 2013 has been. It’s had its highs and unfortunately a few lows, but all in all it has been amazing.

Here at Bullfrog Spas our all new hot tub models released this year have changed the way top quality hot tubs are built, forever. We’ve enjoyed sharing our passion for engineering and manufacturing the very best hot tubs in the world with our loyal and passionate customers.

From everyone here at Bullfrog Spas we wish you the very best and a relaxing 2014.

And the Winner is…

The Winner of the I Love My Bullfrog Spa Video Contest is:

Dean Olejniczak of Appleton, WI

Congratulations Dean! We loved your sincere testimonial about how much you love your Bullfrog Spa and the reasons you do.

Dean will be awarded with an upgrade to an all new Bullfrog Spa so he and his family can continue to enjoy relaxing with the JetPak Therapy System.

Dean’s video:

Our sincerest thanks to all that entered the Video Contest. We were extremely pleased with your stories, your creativity, and your love for Bullfrog Spas. We wish you many happy years of relaxation and great times!

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4 Videos, Only 1 Will Come Out on Top

The Finalists are Announced

Thanks to everyone who submitted videos to the I Love My Bullfrog Spa Video Contest. They were absolutely great! We have selected 4 finalists below. Tell us which is your favorite.

Sharod – Atlanta, GA

Dean – Neenah, WI


Lou Ann – Potter, NE

Ray – Ogden, UT

We will announce the winner on October 7. The winner will be able to upgrade their life with a new 2013 Bullfrog Spa.

See official video contest rules for more information.

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New Hot Tub Soup Mixes Released

Large Hot Tub Manufacturer Releases Revolutionary Large Scale Food Product

Soup-du-SpaBullfrog Spas is excited to be doing a great service to humanity by releasing a line of tasty soups packaged for preparation in very large volumes.

Bullfrog’s new soup line is named Soups du Spa. These large volume soups come pre-mixed in 25 lb. bags perfect for feeding up to 4113 people at one time. Preparation is easy and quick by simply mixing full contents of each 25 lb. package in a large hot tub and turning jets on to the high speed setting.*

Delicious flavors of Soups du Spa include:

  • Tub O’Tomato Basil
  • Large Live Lobster Bisque
  • Noodles-A-Plenty
  • Lots O’ Miso
  • Crap Load O’ Clam Chowder
  • Whole Cow Stew
  • Vat O’ Vegetable
  • Rub a Dub Ramen
  • Big Ol Bucket of Borscht
  • Frog Bog French Onion
  • One Ton Won Ton
  • Giant Gut Bomb Gumbo
  • Macho Meat Minestrone

Buzz from the celebrity community has helped to fuel the massive success of Soup du Spa. Associates of Emeril Lagasse were contacted for comment and implied that they absolutely love Soup du Spa with this statement, “I don’t know what the *^@# you’re talking about. I just walk Emeril’s dogs. They might eat that soup in a hot tub…” So, mark down Emeril’s dogs on the long list of celebrity endorsements that are rolling in. Additional attempts to reach Food Network celebrities, executives, and their pets are being considered.

soupduspaSoups Du Spa have been tested over-seas in select markets. The Japanese game show circuit has been an especially useful test market. Feedback has been largely positive with many taste testers echoing the sentiment of this taster/contestant, who preferred to remain nameless due to litigation over an incident with huge red balls: “I first tried soup in a huge vat while on a game show. It takes a bit of crazy to even try it, then it takes a while to get over the dry heaves, but pretty soon you’re totally diving in.”

In a bold distribution move, especially for a food product, Soups du Spa will be available only at select authorized hot tub dealers nationwide (where legal) beginning April 1, 2013.

Bullfrog also has plans for hot tub-scale chili nacho cheese dips and cold cereals aimed at the teenage demographics in Colorado, Washington, California, Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Alaska. Test markets currently being considered for these products are Amsterdam, Netherlands.

*not responsible for damage to hot tub filters, jets, or personal health. In certain cases death, nausea, and a whole lot of vomiting may occur. Not approved by the FDA, not even close.


Happy 2013

Good Year or Good Riddance?

Whatever your thoughts are about 2012, it was a year to remember. We will all remember the election, Gangnam Style & Call Me Maybe, the tragedies, the heroism, those we lost, the miracle of those that came, the beautiful things, the not so beautiful and how we were touched by each.

The great thing about the passage of time is that it always brings healing and hope but doesn’t erase the lessons learned and fond memories of our shared experiences. Our thoughts go out to all who had a difficult year and our best wishes go to all as we share the hope for a fantastic 2013.

Happy New Year!


Oh, and be sure to stay tuned for some seriously incredible things.

Congrats Coach Andersen, Good Thing it’s a Portable Hot Tub

Bullfrog Spa Owner, Gary Andersen, Chosen to Lead the Wisconsin Badgers

Congratulations are in order for Bullfrog Spa owner, Gary Andersen. Reports indicate that Andersen will be named the new Head Football Coach at the University of Wisconsin.

We know moving is probably high on Coach Andersen’s list of current worries, right behind the bruising Big 10 O-lines he’ll be facing. Let us just assure you that your Bullfrog Spa is a completely portable hot tub that will travel just fine and perform perfectly in the cold Wisconsin winters.

We also can’t overlook the fact that Andersen is due additional congratulations for what he and his team accomplished this year. The Utah State University Aggies finished the season with a dominant win in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, a #18 ranking, and an impressive 11-2 record.The 2 losses were close hard fought games with BYU and coincidentally, Wisconsin. Both games were decided by 3 points or less and hinged on missed field goals.

Bullfrog Spas would like to take at least a little credit in keeping Gary relaxed and stress free. After all, nobody, especially an NCAA head football coach, can perform their best if they are tense and anxious and no spa provides better personalized therapy.

We wish Gary Andersen all the best in Wisconsin and in wherever your coaching career takes you and your Bullfrog Spa.