What a Deck, What a Dream!

HGTV Dream Home Features Amazing Hot Tub Deck

2012 HGTV Dream HomeWhen I saw the first picture of the 2012 HGTV Dream Home I knew I was going to love it. As a fan of architecture and home design, an avid fly fisherman, a lover of mountain living, and of course a fan of Bullfrog Spas and JetPaks, it was easy to see this isn’t just any dream home, this is my dream of all dreams home.

When I took the virtual tours and saw the level of thought and artistry that went into the design, I was nearly giddy. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but true.

Nightime at the hot tubThe 2012 Dream Home sits on the banks of a famous fly fishing river near Park City, Utah. This area combines the charm and scenery of simple country life with all of the conveniences and coolness of a famous mountain resort town. The location epitomizes the modern mountain lifestyle. It’s no big deal to see an angler skillfully casting a ribbon of line in a mountain stream, a cattle drive through a mountain valley or the casual celebrity dining at a quaint 5 star bistro in Park City.

The home itself is not pretentious, but it leaves little if anything to be desired. The attractive and functional mountain architecture is only outdone by the details of the interior and exterior design. However, maybe the very best part of the 2012 Dream Home is the amazing outdoor living room that extends to an impressive hot tub deck with, you guessed it, a luxurious and therapeutic Bullfrog Spa Model 662.

Hot Tub Deck mountain viewWhat makes this hot tub deck even better is the spa itself. The builders selected a Bullfrog Series I Model 662. This 6-7 person hot tub with 6 JetPaks and a deluxe lounge seat is installed with the top of the hot tub at deck level using a SpaVault in-ground hot tub installation kit. This makes getting in and out of the hot tub simple and lowers the profile of the spa so it doesn’t impede sight lines. This is the absolute dream hot tub. Of course what else would you expect?

If you’re perhaps interested in living here (who isn’t?) the HGTV Dream Home is being given away to a lucky winner. If you want to enter to win, you’ll have to hurry. There are only 3 days left. You can enter to win at the HGTV website through 5 P.M. Eastern on February 17, 2012.

Extreme Hot Tubbing

Hot Tub Dangling Over 100 Meters in the Air, No Worries

extreme hot tubbing in mid air

The obvious question of “why” hardly needs to be asked these days. People are awesome, if you don’t believe it watch the video of the same name.

Extremeness is everywhere and in everything. I’m even doing some extreme typing at the moment (my index finger just threw an ollie thumb grab on the jump to the H). So anyway, it was only a matter of time before an organization of extreme Swiss hot tubbers was formed.

The latest extreme hot tubbing project is apparently the biggest most awesomely radical stunt yet pulled by this group of focused hot tubbers with mad extreme skills. They have created makeshift tubs in the middle of Lake Geneva, on the top of Mont Blanc (the highest peak in the Alps), in a cavern. But this was their most extremeness yet.

dangling hot tub and Gueuroz bridge

The spa enthusiasts suspended their round hot tub from Gueuroz Bridge, one the the highest in Europe, at over 600 feet above the canyon floor then dangled and tubbed it up about 130 feet below.

Why does this organization of extreme hottubbers (jacuzzi.ch) do it? Well, one of the group’s founders, Nicolas Weibel claims, “For the five of us that are the founders of jaccuzzi.ch, the best sensations are found when we give ourselves a new challenge related to an ‘almost impossible Jacuzzi.'” Another, Jean-Christophe Boillat, says that it’s all about building friendships through interesting activities. This sounds way too nobel, the real reason is likely, or should be, to impress girls. Why else would dudes try so hard to be so awesome?

There was no word on the extreme tricks thrown getting into the tub but everyone survived and lives to plan the next feat of extreme hot tub awsomenasity. We’ll keep you informed.

Improve Your Home Value and Health at the Same Time

There are many reasons to purchase a hot tub. Most people think of relaxation or having a place to escape everyday. This video illustrates 2 more benefits customers report from simply by putting a hot tub in your backyard, better health and increased home values, not to mention that you and your family will love it. And of course, when you go with a Bullfrog Spa you get the best quality and warranty.