The Most Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

The JetPak System and Full Foam Insulation Combine to Make Bullfrog Spas Incredibly Energy Efficient

These days most people just can’t afford to waste money. So, it’s important to know that your hot tub doesn’t have a direct debit line to your bank account. Many hot tubs out there claim to be energy efficient but may cost you hundreds of dollars per month on your electricity bill – a Bullfrog Spa probably costs less than $20.

Of course, costs vary depending on the climate where you live, energy rates, and how often you use your hot tub. One thing is certain though, a Bullfrog Spa is extremely energy efficient, which will cost you less money in the long run, all the while providing better massages, true customization, American-made quality and extreme efficient hot tub

Why are Bullfrog Spas more energy efficient?

hot tub energy use

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Well, it all comes down to the fact that Bullfrog Spas are built differently than every other spa out there. Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs built with the patented JetPak System. JetPak Technology provides a more advanced and more efficient way to build a hot tub. The JetPak System eliminates up to 90% of the plumbing that is required to build all other spas. In addition, almost all of the plumbing utilized in the JetPak System resides inside the spa’s warm water so it recycles heat instead of losing it to the outside environment. Bullfrog combines the JetPak System with high-grade full foam insulation and insulated tight fitting hot tub covers to achieve maximum heat retention.

The result: A Bullfrog Spa holds heat better and requires far less electricity to maintain warm water. This makes Bullfrog Spas the most energy efficient hot tubs on the planet!

In energy efficiency stats compiled by the California Energy Commission, Bullfrog Spas either lead or are top 4 (often only behind other Bullfrog Spas models) on the list for every category in which we have a spa model. And, keep in mind, we didn’t make any modifications to our normal production spas for these tests.

Visit a Bullfrog Spas Dealer today to see for yourself what makes these the most energy efficient hot tubs on the planet.

Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show

Join Bullfrog Spas at the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show

The Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show, happening this week at the Atlantic City Convention Center, is the premier industry trade show for East Coast pool and spa industry professionals. Bullfrog is happy to be joining the pool and hot tub industry action this week in Atlantic City and will be displaying in booth 3755. If you plan to be in attendance come check out the newest JetPaks, colors, and spa models available. Director of Sales and Marketing, Jaden Kemp, and Bullfrog Spas Website & SEO Manager/Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Clay Norman will be on hand to show you around and answer any questions you may have. If you’re looking to become a hot tub dealer these gentlemen are the best around at answering your questions and proving why Bullfrog Spas is a new kind of hot tub company and one you need to be doing business with.

A Real Hot Tub Time Machine

Set Your Clock Back With a JetPak Powered Hot Tub Time Machine

bring back your youth in a hot tub time machineYou may have seen the movie, Hot Tub Time Machine.

If not, here’s the brief synopsis: A bunch of dudes are taken back to the pre-internet 80s and hilarity ensues.

Well, that little bit of  improbability is great for Hollywood but we here at Bullfrog like real hot tub time machines.

A hot tub with JetPaks creates a real-life fountain of youth in your backyard. With just 30 minutes of spa hydrotherapy daily you can reduce your stress and relieve the aches and pains that seem to accumulate with age. Hot tubs are also a lot of fun and they provide the ideal location to rekindle reltionships, taking you back to the days of proms and puppy love.

Ok, we admit it. A Bullfrog Spa won’t magically transport you back to when the Beattles were a big deal. But a little spa hydrotherapy everyday will, in a very real way, help you to revitalize your life and will allow you to regain much of what made you young when you really were young.

2010 Year in Review

Another Big Year for Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog International, manufacturers of the Bullfrog Spas brand of innovative portable hot tubs, is proud to release our annual year in review for 2010.

Following are just some of Bullfrog International’s 2010 highlights:

Awards & Accolades:

IPG President’s Award

Independent Pool Group, a large Canadian buying organization, honored Bullfrog Spas with their President’s Award. The award is given to the manufacturer who provides the best service and most value to the group.

SpaRetailer Magazine’s annual Retail Stars Edition featured one of Bullfrog’s top spa dealers, Georgia Spa Company, and general manager, Josh Kemerling on their cover and in their feature article on the best spa dealers in the country.

Bullfrog Spas International Sales Director was chosen to sit on the Hot Tub Power Panel at the industry’s largest trade show, the International Pool Spa and Patio Expo. This panel held productive and lively discussions on the hot tub industry and where it is heading.

Bullfrog Spas was honored with our 5th Best of State Award in the Pool and Spa category. This award is presented to Utah companies that exhibit exemplary customer service, integrity, and success.

New Products:

Reliever JetPak Hot Tub Jets

Reliever JetPak

The Reliever JetPak was officially released in August of 2010. With its unique and powerful low back-focused massage the Reliever became an immediate top seller within Bullfrog’s lineup of JetPak hot tub jets and was mentioned as a highlight of the pool and spa industry’s top trade show by Pool & Spa News.

The Bullfrog Spas Model 262 quickly became a top seller with many of today’s value-conscious spa buyers. The Model 262 falls within Bullfrog’s Series II and is priced very reasonably, especially considering its capacity, energy efficiency and overall quality.

Enhanced Services:

In an effort to provide up to date information and some fun along the way, Bullfrog Spas launched our hot tub blog as an interactive part of the Bullfrog Spas website. Blog topics range from new product announcements and press releases to fun topics like funny commercials featuring hot tubs.