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Bullfrog International, LLC is a Utah-based company whose story begins right here with Dolphin Pools: Dave Ludlow convinced his father Don (the owner of Dolphin Pools) in 1988 to start selling portable or self-contained spas to supplement their in-ground gunite (concrete) swimming pool and spa business.  The third spa Dave brought into Dolphin’s showroom leaked all over the floor.  Not very impressive!  Dave looked at the design of the spas and saw a way to improve it.  And he did.  Every other spa in the world has 200 to 400 feet of plumbing that all has the potential to leak – Bullfrogs' have up to 90% less.  Bullfrog went from an after-hours idea to an international company that ships spas all over the world because they are better in design and function.  And it all begin right here in Dolphin Pools.

As the world’s first Bullfrog Spas dealer (and, for a time, the world’s only Bullfrog Spas dealer) we know the product and we know the industry.   We don’t sell pool tables or barbeques – we focus on our area of expertise – pools and spas.  2012 marks our 59th year in the industry and our staff has over 200 years of collective industry experience.  No one knows more about hot tubs or pools in Utah than we do and no one does it better.

One of the neat things we’ve been doing with Bullfrog Spas recently is recessing them partially or fully into the ground.  It aids in accessibility into and out of the spa and allows the homeowner to add a custom look and feel to their backyard.  We can supplement your spa experience with water features, misters, patios, pergolas, fire elements or anything else desired.  To view some photos of recent projects, check out our online gallery here:

The best way to understand how and why Bullfrog Spas are so much better than the rest is to see them in person.  We'd love to have you drop by at your convenience to see the spas or you can set up a private appointment to “wet test” our heated showroom model and its revolutionary JetPaks.  Be forewarned that if you try it you'll want one for yourself!

Service Areas: Salt Lake County, Wasatch County, Summit County, Tooele County

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