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Do I Need to Winterize My Hot Tub?

Do I Need to Winterize My Hot Tub?

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3 Reasons Your Bullfrog Spa Doesn’t Need To Be Winterized

Winter is approaching once again, which leads us to answer some questions we often get at this time of year. One of the most common questions people ask is: “How do I winterize a hot tub?” Many spa owners are surprised by the answer: Your Bullfrog Spa doesn’t need to be winterized at all.

Yes, you can and probably should winterize your hot tub if you plan to leave it for extended periods with absolutely no use, like at a vacation home or cabin you don’t visit all winter, but you really don’t need to winterize your spa in most situations. Here are 3 key reasons you don’t need to winterize your hot tub.

You Can Use Your Hot Tub in Any Season and Weather

Well-made hot tubs like Bullfrog Spas can be used in any weather, event the coldest of winters. If you know you will be using your hot tub once a week up to once every few weeks, no matter the weather conditions, there is no need to winterize it. Every time you use your spa it will be heated to a comfortable temperature. Your Bullfrog Spa can maintain its temperature between uses with very little energy output. If you plan to go for longer periods between uses you may want to simply turn the heat down to save even more energy.

hot tubbing in the winter

Materials Made for the Elements

Most high end hot tubs, including Bullfrog Spas, are designed to function well, stay warm and hold up through the coldest of weather. The tough acrylic shell, durability of the parts, wood-free support structure and cabinet, top quality electronics, and the full foam insulation all mean that your Bullfrog Spa can easily perfom well and last for years in essentially any climate.

Bullfrog Spas A6

Energy Efficient Operation

The JetPak Therapy System, which is only available in a Bullfrog Spa, means that your spa has around 90% less plumbing and that most of the spa plumbing is actually submersed in the spa water. Very little plumbing and water is exposed to the outside environment where it could lose heat. All other spas rely entirely on their foam insulation to protect their spa plumbing from losing heat. Bullfrog has full foam insulation AND the JetPak Therapy System to increase energy efficiency. Run a Bullfrog Spa for a few months and you’ll see how much energy you are using as well as saving. It may actually cost you more to winterize your spa than it would to run your spa all the winter. That’s energy efficiency!

Bullfrog Spas, the most energy efficient hot tubs in their class.

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