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The DIY Hot Tub, Redneck Hot Tubs Revisited

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Even The Best DIY Hot Tub Is Probably a Bad Idea

A few years ago we shared some of the world’s best/worst ideas for DIY Hot Tubs. These engineering marvels are perfect for at-home relaxation without the cost of safety, reliability, and function. Our gallery of these masterpieces of ingenuity, repurposed materials, water, and beer-fueled genius was a big hit.

In the years since, we’ve noticed even more of these backyard engineering experiments showing up online and so we just had to share what geniuses everywhere are coming up with in the area of do-it-yourself hot tubs. Whether you call them redneck hot tubs, hillbilly hot tubs, do-it-yourself hot tubs, or just plain radical you have to applaud these fine efforts at first class hot tubs.

The Hot Tub from Snowy River

cowboy hot tub

img source:

These folks from the Outback of Australia seem to enjoy the smell of pasture and fresh manure. If you also fall into this category, congrats, your olfactory senses are officially broken. In a related note, these cowboy hot tubs also seem to be in need of a major filtration system overhaul.

However, kudos to these Outback Aussies for making the best of their surroundings and kickin it cowboy style in the hot tub.

Hot Tub Kit from Hell, or is that Shanghai?

DIY Hot Tub Kit

img source:

For some reason the instructions for this DIY hot tub kit just don’t seem to help. I do, however, know from experience that anything with foreign instructions can be made to work with a little ingenuity, a hammer, and duct tape. Thanks go to IKEA for this handy lesson.

So, we know you have many options in spas and hot tubs, however, if this is your decision for your relaxing at home spa, well, all I can say is good luck with that.

Boggy Bottom Hot Tub

Hillbilly Hot Tub

img source:

This classic hillbilly hot tub has all the requisite parts: pallet on fire, pallet sides, pallet bench, baby in arms, is that a chicken?, and bungee cords to hold it all together.

I mean who doesn’t see this scene and immediately imagine themselves escaping your cares and relaxing in this same idyllic setting?

And the banjo sounds purdy too.

Nascar Anyone? We Can Drive My Hot Tub

Truck Bed Hot Tub

img source:

So, all I can think to say is “Stay classy Northern Florida!” Well, ok, that’s not all I will say about this truck bed hot tub. This work of art with a Hemi proves that a man will go to nearly any lengths to combine trucks and whatever else he thinks will get him chicks, in this case, hot water and chrome. And, from the looks of it, there is a subset of women who find this tactic appealing.

Enjoy the races (Go 88 car!), or gator rodeo, or whatever highfalutin event yer attendin’.

Fire is Awesome

Fire Heated Hot Tub

img source:

This attempt at a do-it-yourself hot tub lacks ingenuity, in fact, it’s pretty stupid. BUT, it totally redeems itself by using lots of fire.

Let’s face it, no matter how radical my life and your life is, It’s not everyday that you get to relax in an above ground pool with a flaming wheelbarrow cauldron in the middle of it.

Hot Tubbing OG Style

OG Hot Tubs in a BagThese aspiring gangstas haven’t graduated to “We’re on a boat” with all the bling and Bentleys that go along with that. For now they are singin: “I’m in a bag.”

The problem: kickin it bag style in their garbage bag hot tubs doesn’t seem to bring them much joy. So, if the gangsta thing never really pans out for you guys, might I suggest 2 lines of more reputable work: Sanitation Engineer/Garbage Man or Contortionist. Both have their pros and cons but both bring home the Benjamins. An from the looks of it, you homies just need to get paid.

The Original Redneck Hot Tub Design, Re-imagined

Redneck RelaxationNo blog post like this one would be complete without a classic tarp-centered redneck hot tub. However, this one is unique. The standard plan for most tarp tubs is to use the tarp to line a rusty pickup truck bed, a box made of hay bales, or an El Camino bed. You know, something that provides a little structural support.

This maverick has eschewed all convention and thrown good sense to the Dixie-whistlin’ wind. He is tarp tubbing without all of that superfluous stuff. It’s just him, the impermeable membrane, the water, and by my estimate, about 2 more seconds of good times.


AUTHOR - Jake Ricks

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